Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Americans....

84 people from 31 different countries....

That's how many people became US citizens at the swearing in
ceremony that Joan and I went to yesterday.

Think about that for a minute... For all of the bad and horrible
things that
others around the world (and some here in our
own country) love to say about us, for all of the things that
blamed for around the world, there sure are a lot of
people that want to
come here, and leave their old country
behind. Multiply that number from
here in Seattle by
however many Immigration offices are around the country

doing the same thing.

Take some time - go and see one of the ceremonies. I think
you'll be
moved by the emotions and the reactions of these
new Americans.

Congratulations again to our neighbor Nina (from Lebanon).

Welcome to the United States!!

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JAmomma said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Nina, the "new American". She is a lovely, charming lady! Her son relayed the story of preparing her for the new citizen test and she scored 100 percent every time. I wonder how many of us native born could do the same?? Congrats, Nina! jamomma