Monday, April 14, 2008

Too much fun....

Wow.... what a weekend. Saturday I hit the big five-oh (I know, hard to imagine the handsome guy kneeling on the starting line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is 50... goes to show what good genes and clean livin' can do!!)

So - my lovely wife Joan decided to throw a party - catered Mexican food, about 50 friends, and a live band (many heartfelt thanks to Midlife Chrysler and their new lead singer Marty Gordon ( ) - this was their first gig, and they were great! Joan got to sing with them on the Beatles song "Birthday" - and she sounded better than ever as well. There were friends from church, from work, from racing. My folks flew up from San Diego (and Mom did bring several years worth of embarrassing photos to share with all). It was the best birthday party I've ever had. Thank God I've got a few years to work on Joans 50th.... So how does one get in contact with the USC Marching Band.... and do they do parties??

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