Friday, May 23, 2008

Automotive art

Blower Bentley

Some people.... make that a lot of people - view cars as mere utilitarian
conveyances for getting from one place to another (not as often now,
what with gas prices being what they are. But that's a rant for another time).

I look at a lot of cars as rolling sculpture - a moving testament to the metal
workers art (or fiberglass and composite as the case may be). As somebody
who likes to think of himself as a fabricator - not great, but better than serviceable,
cars like this really just blow me away.... And to leave it in the polished aluminum.
You can hide a lot of flaws with paint, but a polished body shows ALL flaws.

This is a replica, built by Bob Petersen (

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John said...

Very nice auto photo art! The Bently shots are really good. Went thru your blog. You photography reminds me of when I was hooked on my SLR many years ago. Don't even touch a digital camera lately, let alone the SLR. I have shots of CA Missions, flowers from Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo animals, and of course vintage autos/racers. I am mostly a classic and custom car guy but love all kinds of racing. Do not race myself, just watch. I've been thinking of doing a blog also. Maybe it comes when the 50+ time hits? Who knows. I keep thinking book also. I've been to Seattle on business and vacation. Wouldn't live there. I need sunshine. Keep posting quality car shots and your blog will go. I found you through a Google alert for Automotive Art. Watching the 600, wondering what is with Jeff Gordon this year, and viewing your blog. Isn't technology wonderful! Take care and have a wonderful week! - JohnnyK