Thursday, May 22, 2008

A race fans favorite weekend...

As a racing fan, this is probably my favorite weekend of the year. And
with a big screen, a DVR, and a REALLY understanding wife, I'll get
to watch even more of it (it's gonna be hard to top last year - I watched
the Monaco GP while standing in one of the garages at Indianapolis - with
some ex-Williams team guys).

Friday there's the Indy Lights - a family friend owns AFS Racing and has
2 cars in the Freedom 100. Saturday there's the Craftsman Trucks and the
Nationwide cars, Sunday is the Monaco F1 race, Indy, and
World 600 Nascar race, and the Rolex GT guys from Lime Rock on Monday.

Maybe Indy and Nascar will figure out a way to time the starts so that
somebody can try the double again-makes sense from a TV standpoint if
nothing else. Cross pollination of demographics, etc.

And our own car to get ready for the Historics over the 4th of July....
Man, I love this time of year.

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