Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy few days....

So I broke one of my vows about trying to blog something everyday-
and it appears that I've failed miserably ;-)

Last Tuesday (the 6th) was a great day - spent all day out at the
racetrack going through a high performance driving school with
Proformance Racing (
It was a gift from Jeff- the owner of the race car I maintain.
High speed braking and avoidance maneuvers, and instruction in
the correct line around the track, and extended lapping time with an
instructor in the car - It was a blast.
Now, since my daily driver is a pickup truck, I used one of the school
cars. There was a photographer there - here's a shot, and I've ordered
up some more. they'll look good on the wall with the diploma -

Other than that, finished another photography project for our church
for Pentecost, did a little work around the house, put in a new front door
for a friend of ours - her house got broken into this past Friday night...
Did some more work on the race car over the weekend - we've gotten the
body panels back from the painters, and are just scrounging up a couple of
more bits for the suspension, then it goes back together for this weekend.

And if the weather holds, I might even get one (or both!) of the vehicles
washed after work....

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