Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Racing again... the Spring Sprints

The last time we ran, we finished up with the right front corner covered in duct tape, but we were really quick in the clear cold weather. Fast forward to the past weekend, it was almost 100 deg at the track on Saturday, and 75-80 on Sunday. Needless to say, the hot weather and a greasy surface made everybody 2-3 seconds slower. So, here’s some shots of the car going back together, and the racing from the weekend. They did something a little different and ran a race group that was reminiscent of the Under 2 litre Trans Am from 66-69. We qualified top 10 on Saturday morning. Ran 6th in the first race on Saturday, won the 2nd race Sunday morning, and finished 6th on Sunday afternoon. All in all, a good weekend. And we've got the new tires dialed in for the Historic races over the 4th of July.

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